New SharePoint Intranet - launch notice

  • To log into the SharePoint Intranet you must enter your email address, password, and complete the multi-factor authentication.
  • This process should be familiar to everyone that accesses HR Payroll (Fiori).

NCID Logon


North Carolina Department of Commerce

This site once served as the North Carolina Department of Commerce Intranet.

NOTE: With the exception of a few specialized applications, all content has been migrated to our new SharePoint based Intranet.

Access to this site is restricted to department employees and pre-approved participants for any remaining applications that have not been migrated to the new Intranet.

To log in, please use your NCID user ID and NCID password.

NCID Credentials Issues

  • Account locked? Use the Unlock Account feature on the NCID Identity Manager Dashboard.

If you are a new employee seeking access to the Intranet, please contact your hiring manager for instructions. If you are a member of the public, please visit our public site at